Tips on taking bus from Singapore

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Are you tired of walking or riding a bike from home to job? Then take a bus! There are quite a number of public transport means that are offered in Singapore. Choosing some other means may be expensive than others and thus calling for some prudence in your selection. Means such as cabs in most cases are costly and can even get stuck in traffic thus being a hindrance to high performance of your job. There are other means that when you choose them they are not securing in that they may use different routes that are risky or rather their workers can be conmen or women. The choice of using a bus service in Singapore might be a difficult task to select the best. The following are some of the tips on taking bus from Singapore that you can consider so that you be successful.


1.Know the bus routes for your city.

One of the most important travel tips to consider when taking a bus service transport is to know all the routes to be used by the bus. It is by knowing the routes that you can make decisions on which to take and reach your destination faster. If you happen to fail knowing the routes you will take, ask for assistance before taking any bus that may lead you to a different place. This might lead to you getting lost and fail to know where you will be at that moment. Another way to remedy this problem is to use a bus route map at a local depot, at the internet or getting the necessary information from most public transport offices.

2. Free or Discounted pass.

There are other bus transport services that offer discounted or free pass for various classes of people in Singapore. These people might be based on age, the youth, as a student status and even the disabled. These discounted passes can be found in the main bus depot where it is available for purchase by any person who wishes to use the bus. When you purchase an advance discounted pass it is quite beneficial in that it is quite cheap.

3. Pass or Multi-trip ticket.

In terms of saving your money, try to figure out the amount you will pay if you will take a pass and a multi-trip tickets. Make some comparison and see which will be more economical than the other. You should know the amounts that you will pay in a single journey and compare it further with the corresponding regular journeys.

4. Choose the nearest bus stop.

Another way you can take a bus in Singapore is bus choosing the nearest bus stop and will pass the route you need. The nearest bus stop will mean that you will arrive to your destination faster as compared to other routes that are far from your basement. You will also be required to know the pickup time. Failing to know what exact time the bus will arrive to the bus stop may cause inconveniences that might cause you to rush for your booked ticket.

These are some of the important tips you can consider when taking a bus from Singapore so as to get a great travelling experience.

Below are some of the popular bus companies in Singapore & Malaysia. Example: Delima Express, First Coach, Freesia, Five Star Bus, Grassland, KKKL Bus, Konsortium Malaysia, LPMS, Maju Express, Mara Liner, Nam Ho Travel, Pacific Express, Selat Keris, Shamisha Express, Star Shuttle, Trans MVS Express, Transnasional, Transtar Travel, GT Express, Causeway Link, 707, Cepat Express and a lot more Malaysia & Singapore bus companies.


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Travelling from Singapore to Malaysia

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Singapore is among the handful few nations that you can enter or leave by taxi. While ordinary taxis are not permitted to cross into Malaysia, uncommonly authorized Singaporean taxis allowed to go to Larkin Taxi and Bus Terminal with impact from November. They are already Kotaraya Taxi Stand close JB City Square) may be occupied from Johor Taxi Service, while Malaysian taxis, which can go anyplace in Malaysia, might just be taken from Ban San St. Taxi Kiosk at Rochor Rd.

In the reverse course, towards Singapore, you can take taxis from Larkin Taxi and Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, to any point in focal Singapore or Changi Airport. The principle advantage here is that you do not have to haul your stuff (or yourself) through Customs at both finishes; you can only sit in the auto. This administration is accessible 24 hours a day.

Singapore to Malaysia Taxi

The “essential” direct taxi administration from the Singapore Taxi Terminal at Queen Street (5 mins leave Bugis MRT) to the Johor Bahru Taxi Terminal at Larkin (beforehand Pasar Bakti Kotaraya II) costs S$12 per individual or S$48 per taxi vehicle withdrawing from Singapore, and RM20 per individual of RM80 per vehicle from Johor Bahru.

In case you need to take a taxi from Ban Street Taxi Terminal (Queen Street close Bugis MRT) to some place other than the terminal in Johor Bahru, you need to utilize a Malaysian (yellow) taxi, and the cost will be at any rate S$60 (contingent upon separation). In like manner, on the off chance that you need to take a taxi from Larkin Taxi and Bus Terminal to anyplace in Singapore, you have to utilize a Singaporean taxi and pay at any rate RM90 for the administration.

Taxis can likewise be occupied to acquire you from anyplace Singapore to Larkin Taxi and Bus Terminal or from everywhere in JB to Ban Street Taxi Terminal on Queen St. Singapore) or Johor Bahru, and make certain to get the taxi’s number, driver’s name and his telephone number. A mix ride from any place in Singapore to anywhere in Malaysia can likewise be organized. However, you’ll have to swap taxicabs part of the way through: this will cost S$55 and up, paid to the Singaporean driver.

The more advantageous and rational choice is to take a private limousine extraordinarily authorized to take travelers from any point to any destination. However, just a couple are accessible, and costs begin from S$130 to Johor Bahru city. Development booking is exceedingly prescribed at Singapore) or Malaysia.

Favorable circumstances of taking the Singapore-Malaysia Taxi

  • Go in solace from point A to B, without changing vehicle (on Malaysian Taxis) and get down at the traditions
  • Incredible for going with enthusiastic youngsters or maturity
  • No compelling reason to convey your overwhelming packs
  • Inconveniences of taking the Singapore-Malaysia Taxi
  • You may be stuck in the congested driving conditions at Crest hours (unless you go by rail or plane)
  • Taken a Toll somewhat more when contrasted with Public Bus or Walking
  • Malaysian (yellow) taxis may not be as agreeable as the Singapore Taxis or Coach
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